Here at K9 SEARCH Medical Detection (K9SMD) disabilities do not define us, our goal is to enable independence for everyone in need. We are dedicated to producing high standard working dogs while working alongside our clients.

Our Goal is to train these dogs to be your partner, assisting you to gain independence enabling you to reach your fullest potential.

Dogs have been man’s best friend for years but not only are they a loyal companion they can become a lifeline to so many individuals. It’s a common misconception that to have a disability you must be blind or in a wheelchair, there are so many people in our community that struggle with daily activities but their disabilities are not visible, this often leads to the individual not receiving the help they need.

Assistance dogs help a range of people in so many different ways, they can be our eyes and ears, or be able to detect the slightest change in the human body and allowing them to alert the handler to take proper actions to avoid a serious medical